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MACCS garden design services company undertakes work in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Hadleigh, Suffolk and Essex. We were established in 2002. Our small family run business was established in 2002. Our contract gardeners are a small team, which is how I prefer to work as this allows me to oversee all contract works.  We listen carefully to what our customer’s gardening requirements are and provide professional advice. 

Ipswich garden design

Our garden design & gardening company services by Hadleigh & Ipswich gardeners are gardening in Woodbridge, Colchester, Stowmarket, Suffolk & Essex near Ipswich & Hadleigh which is where we are basedgarden services company based in Ipswich & Hadleigh, where we undertakes gardening, garden design, lawn care, grass cutting, power wash services to clean paving, hard & soft landscape gardening for commercial & residential estate contracts.

garden design in Ipswich

Gardening & garden design services in Ipswich offers advice on gardening with plants, soil conditioning, scarifying lawns or with your DIY garden design landscape gardening projects.  This gardening advice helps to give you guidance with most tasks that will need attending too in the garden. Some plants need pruning at different times of the year so check before pruning advice of plants with an online search, as it may damage the plant if pruned at the wrong time of year. We recycle most of our garden waste either within the company for compost and plant feeds or at a green waste recycling centre which reduces landfill contribution.

gardening in Ipswich

Garden designs can include various garden features in the garden such as  water features, wind features, rockeries, themes, soft and hard landscaping. We can also supply and lay a large range of aggregates, paving and various other walling products which can be incorporated into the gardening of landscape garden design projects.

landscape gardening in Ipswich

Our garden design services company in Ipswich and Hadleigh undertakes various landscape gardening projects which incorporate sheds, pergolas, summer houses, decking, sleeper walls, ponds, fencing, paving, patios and water features by our landscape gardeners in Ipswich & Hadleigh surroundings areas of Suffolk and Essex including Stowmarket, Colchester and Woodbridge

sleeper gardening

We undertake landscape gardening work whether it is sloped, flat or split level garden designs. Garden design can have a traditional or contemporary style. Our Hadleigh & Ipswich gardeners also offer a regular garden contractor service for estate grounds contracts and for one off smaller garden jobs. MACCS gardeners offer gardening services in gardens near Ipswich and undertake regular gardening in garden where we also can offer a design make-over.

sleeper gardening company servicdes in Ipswich

MACCS Landscape Gardening Services Company prefer to only use Oak sleepers on their garden design sleeper projects as the Oak is less porous and is slower rotting than soft wood sleepers, especially if Oak reclaimed railway sleepers are used. Reclaimed Oak sleepers have been weathered over time and have been treated with a mix of all the preservative nasties of true creosote, oil etc. and will last many years longer than any softwood sleeper. When using reclaimed Oak sleepers in gardening projects gloves would need to be worn to protect hands from these nasties. If softwood sleepers are used, all cuts needs to be treated with a good preservative. Most soft wood sleepers are a hazard class 3 treated timbers which is not the best timbers to use in garden design projects as they are not a ground contact timber which a hazard class 4 is. It is advised that if a hazard class 3 sleepers is used when gardening, a good drainage is given to the sleeper to help with the longevity of the timber or to treat the timber section which contacts the ground with extra timber preservative coatings. 

Ipswich gardening and garden design

I am happy for customers to participate in any way they wish, as it is keeping the customer happy which is our main aim unless it is unsafe. Our garden design projects are built under regular customer consultation to ensure customer satisfaction with their garden.

Gardening & grass services company in Ipswich for commercial & residential estate grounds, gardens and fields in Suffolk & Essex are undertaken by MACCS garden services contract company for gardening by gardeners, grass cutting, hard & soft landscape gardening, hedge trimming, small tree work, pruning, thinning, scarifying, leaf vacuuming, lawn care and maintenance, we also erect fencing, undertake fence and post repairs, property maintenance, paving and walls in Ipswich, Hadleigh, Woodbridge, Colchester, Sudbury, Stowmarket, Suffolk, Essex near Ipswich. We have the petrol power machinery to take on estate grounds gardening contacts.

Garden design quotations can be provided in Ipswich , Woodbridge & Hadleigh by our landscape gardeners services company. I prefer to visit the work sites to give quotations or estimates as all environments are unique. If you require work undertaken, please use our contact us page. 


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Garden design in Ipswich

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Gardening, garden design and fencing in Ipswich, Hadleigh, Woodbridge, Colchester, Sudbury, Stowmarket, Suffolk, Essex is offered by MACCS Gardeners in Ipswich & Hadleigh is offered by our Ipswich and Hadleigh based company.

Emergency services

We supply an emergency call out service for storm damage. Call mobile Tel No 0778 6868 212.

Why not add a new fence and give your new or old garden a great back ground fence which holds its colour well and will set off your garden planting scheme.

garden design & gates gates

Garden gates can be made and stained to give a great finish to the entrance of garden design project. There is a selection of gates styles and we can supply and fit. 

Our hand made panels are constructed well and can be supplied with long lasting colours if desired.

Garden design with Ipswich fencing

Our Handmade contractor fence panels are very strong with several different styles and are made with a pitch to the rail to allow water to run off which is needed for the longevity of the fence.